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The experts at EnviroClean Pros are highly trained in residential and commercial disinfection.

EnviroClean Pros uses a revolutionary new system that combines a unique disinfecting sprayer process and all-natural, hospital grade product. The unit uses an electrostatic charge applied to the spray, causing a natural attraction between spray droplets and target surfaces. As the product is sprayed, it gains polarity giving it 75 times the force of gravity to completely wrap around and cover every surface it touches. The spray evaporates easily on surfaces and can be used in high clutter areas and “touch areas” such as countertops, desks, restroom surfaces, etc. One of the main features of our product is the fact that it meets EPA Toxicity Category IV, which means this is the safest category allowed for disinfectants. The EPA rates products on a scale of I – IV, with IV being the least toxic category. This product is a 100% non-toxic, disinfecting cleaning solution that destroys 99.9% of a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms.  

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Our Services

Electrostatic Cleaning


Utilizing laws of physics with chemistry to kill contaminants at a molecular level. 



Covers the broadest range of applications in consumer, industrial, and food processing settings

UV Light Disinfection


99% sterilization rate. 360 degrees of coverage. UV or UV plus Ozone disinfectant options.  

Services start

as Low as $49